Sri Lanka ordination without lineage

Namo Buddhaya!

I am curious about the existing options to ordain in SL but doing so in run-off-the-mill monasteries unaffiliated with the lineageas like galduwa/mahamevnawa.

In regards to this i want to ask what to expect in general and specifically about the process of obtaining the recommendations.
I assume that one can’t expect the monks to teach in english, to uphold vinaya or be very learned, but i don’t really care about other people’s discipline & views as i would want to watch over my own training.

In general i want to know more about these options because i assume there are options maybe worth considering.

Also if anybody is planning ordination in SL, do contact me in pm if want to discuss it.


Ordination is to get to mix with spiritual friends who can lift us up.

Especially vinaya, it is not easy to get it right just by books.

Bhikkhu Nyanatusita compiled a guide with many monasteries and meditation centers in Sri Lanka. This is a good place to start I think:

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I think you are insinuating that i might be wanting to ordain for the wrong reasons. I don’t want to speak in detail about my reasons for wanting to pursue this but i do have my reasons.

More like helpful advice as a person who got into robes not too long ago, I see the great benefit of the community. Young monks are supposed to learn these before independence (ideally within 5 years)

  1. Can give dhamma talks to monks.
  2. Memorize 32000 syllables of the dhamma.
  3. Know the pātimokkha for Bhikkhu and Bhikkhuni.
  4. Know how to give talks/chants etc at auspicious occasions, inauspicious occations, donation occations. (If I remember correctly)
  5. Can judge if a Vinaya kamma is done correctly.
  6. Know the meditation path all the way to nibbāna.

At least the vinaya part is really needing a community to learn from.

Then after the 5 vassas, monks can become hermit. Usually in suttas it says after making the profession as a monk, they asked a meditation object from Buddha and gone into seclusion, that’s after the first 5 years.

Just general advice. Not wanting to imply anything on your intentions. Best is to go for a community that can guide oneself on how to become a monk.

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I can do this

I don’t know how many syllables i’ve memorized but more or less the entire suttapitaka is in my head. It’s not something I actively study anymore.

I chant pali sutta just fine.

Well this is easy enough to test. Just make minor changes to the origin stories and ask a person to make a judgement as he sees fit before comparing to vinaya

Unless the monk would want to stay alone in the forest, ghen he would go alone without nissaya before the 5 year period ended.

If i had even a suspicion that there is a preceptor like this then i would be there already.

I assume that there is nobody like this that i know of.

I don’t care about it because i am not a suckling calf in this training and can do my own thing.

The dhamma that i’ve learned is plenty for me and i want to be a monk because i want to give up my wealth and pursue the training wholeheartedly. Being a monk would supposedly allow me to train more so in line with the texts and it would be a more radical commitment to discipline.

The no lineage option appeals to me because i imagine that nobody would care about what i do lest i was to cause trouble.

If it doesn’t work out then it’s not a big deal for me but i want to give it a shot.

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