Static Pages - Home page


On the Home page, use an extended Toolbar, which contracts on scroll down, as, say here:

Possible things to include on Home page:

  • Quote box (as per old site)
  • Image with quote (as per Next)
  • Video intro/explainer
  • Introduction (like old site, but updated as per new static pages)
  • What’s new (pull from “updates” on Discourse?)
  • Info about books, or other SC things
  • display latest discussions from discourse
  • visualization of parallels, i.e. widget wrapping Arango graph


The Home page must be useful for both experienced and new users. For new users, we should offer an attractive and accessible way in. For experienced users we should avoid any complications or unnecessary weight that gets in their way.

The current design attempts to balance these, and I think it’s not too bad. I don’t want to overload the Home page with stuff. Keep it clean and simple.

The proposal to use images on the Home page is specifically for “bouncers”. It’s intended to grab the attention of someone in a second, and convey the essence of the site. Rather than the random quotes currently on Next, I’m now thinking of having a quote, or a number of quotes, that specifically relate to reading the suttas. Here’s some drafts.