Stories of Gratitude and Contentment: this Temple Fountain has a Deep Meaning (article)

Can you read the Chinese characters on this fountain? What do you think it is for?

Is it a sign of the times that I can only write titles with semi-clickbaity headlines? (it’s not a new standard, I promise).

Some sharing/inspiration from recent talks given via Mettarama/Metta Centre, Sydney.

The basic context for this is that I had mentioned this fountain in a talk, but I had no idea about the details apart from that it was at a temple garden in Japan from a book on Japanese gardens that I had as a kid. I had to go look up the details and I thought they were sufficiently interesting to share.

Spoiler: if you read the characters together with the “mouth” which is the hole in the centre of the coin, they read, “Only I know when I am satisfied”. Some reflections on contentment.

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Nice! My sister suggests it might also have been read by sound as “無追知識” — “not pursuing perceptions”


If anyone is interested in seeing more of the beautiful artwork at this temple, The Met has a volume dedicated to it available for free online: