Suggested Topic for the 6th (& final) Workshop on Kamma & Rebirth: Stream-entry (Sotapanna) Viz a Viz Kamma & Rebirth

Dear Ven. Bhante Sujato & Ven Ajahn Brahmali,

I would like to suggest the following topic for your consideration for inclusion as a topic for discussion at the 6th Kamma & Rebirth Workshop scheduled for 28th June 2015

The topic: Stream-entry (Sotapanna) Viz a Viz Kamma & Rebirth

Some of the suggested points for inclusion for discussion, but not limited to, are:

  1. Lord Buddha’s Guarantee that the stream enterers will attain enlightenment in a maximum of seven lifetimes without being reborn in hell realms or animal realms (MN 22 Alagaddupama Sutta– 45), (KP6 Ratana Sutta)
  2. Roll of Dhamma –follower (Dhammanusarin) & Faith-follower (Saddhanusarin)
  3. Impact of previous wholesome/unwholesome Kamma
  4. Eradication of the first three fetters {(Sakkayaditthi (Wrong View), Vicikiccha (Doubt) & Silabbataparamasa (Wrongful Rites & Practices)}
  5. Four factors of Stream Entry (SN 55.5 & SN 22.83)
  6. Association of people of integrity (Kalyanamitta Sevana)
  7. Listening to True Dhamma (Saddamma Savana)
  8. Appropriate Reflection (Yoniso Manasikara)
  9. Practice in accordance with Dhamma (Dhammanudhamma Patipada)
  10. Knowledge of attainment (Okkantika Samyutta - SN 25.1 to SN 25.10)
  11. Knows & sees Nama - Mentality ( Feeling-Vedana; Perception-Sanna; Volition-Cetana; Contact-Passa & Attention - Manasikara)
  12. Knows & sees Rupa – Materiality {Four Great Elements & the Material Form derived from it (Six Sense Bases)}
  13. Knows & sees Vinnana (Consciousness)

Thank you very much for your tireless effort in bringing the True Dhamma to us! Much appreciated!!

With Metta,


Okay, thanks for the suggestion, I will discuss this with @brahmali.