Suggestion: Add notification if there are multiple translations

Recently I’ve been working on this citation lookup tool that allows you to see translations available across four website. Right now, SuttaCentral’s links default to Bhante Sujato’s translations, with the option to also try for Bhante Bodhi. But the app doesn’t have a database of who has translated what. If there isn’t a translation by Bhante Bodhi, then the SuttaCentral website will simply default over to Bhante Sujato. Which is great.

But it got me wondering if there shouldn’t/couldn’t be a good way to indicate to the user that there were alternate translations available. At the very least, alternate translations that are from Bilara (aka translations that have both English and Pali). Here is what I thought it could look like:

Any thoughts? Of course regular users of SC will know that you can find alternate translations under the parallels icon. And with alternate translations under the parallels icon, I realize that the number 2 in my example above could be construed to mean that there were two parallels.

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