Suggestion - opening last read location, highlighting

Hello friends!
First up - thank you. I progressed more in meditation training in the 18 months since starting to read the translations of @sujato than I did in the previous 10 years. What a gift to the world is SC!

Second, I was wondering if there’s any chance that the web app or the Android app might one day support (1) opening at the last read page, to support continuous reading, and (2) highlighting and commenting on the translations or root texts?

These would be supportive features for Dhamma study and practice, I believe.

Just a couple of ideas!



No, we’ll always rely on the browser history for this. (Reason: adding this kind of functionality takes a lot of extra javascript, which makes the site slower, more brittle, and harder to maintain for everyone.)

Similar, although I have toyed with the idea of adding an annotation tool. But the reality is that not many sites implement this, and those that do find that not many people use it.

We do, however, aim to implement full EPUB and PDF reader support, and many clients for those do in fact support such functionality. Not to mention the humble paper book, which is also on our roadmap.


Thanks for the consideration, Bhante. I understand your thinking here. Best not to compromise the integrity of the core for the sake of niche use cases.

Again, thanks for all your work on SC. It’s a gift to humanity.



You might like something like Joplin. It is a note taking app that has a web-clipper plugin that allows you to easily clip things to a new note. It’s probably a better long term solution than even a browser extension that keeps highlights and notes for websites stored in your browsers. I’m sure those exist but I haven’t used them in a while.


Yes. Anagarika Sabbamitta and I are working on EBT-Site, which is a framework for creating individual or group-study websites. Anagarika Sabbamitta has already released Dhammaregen. The Dhamma content for EBT-Sites is drawn directly and continuously from SuttaCentral content stored in bilara-data. Each EBT-Site has its own Markdown wiki for notes/essays/blogs.

Would you like to help us out in creating a site that suits your study needs? We’d love to have your feedback.



Dhammaregen only shows the German part of suttacentral/bilara-data. It has been designed as a dedicated study website.

Creating your own website from the ebt-site framework would allow you

  • to open the Sutta section at the Sutta last looked at, even have the segment last looked at highlighted; you can have a highlighted segment for each individual Sutta, if you wish.
  • to use the examples feature for comparing Suttas with related topics.
  • also, to listen to the Suttas, if you prefer that over reading.
  • to see the history of your search (enable the history cookies).
  • to customize the Wiki section according to your personal study needs. You can even build a website just for your personal study and use the Wiki section for your notes.
  • to participate in the adventure of developing the framework further. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Wait, what? That’s amazing. Have you posted about this before? What a wonderful project!

Do you have a sample site?


Dhammaregen is a sample site. Anagarika recently announced it. Dhammaregen is the first EBT-Site. And EBT-Site is its own sample site (:thinking:)

Would you like to help us? All you need is a Github account and these instructions. We’re actively seeking beta testers to use and evaluate this new and ongoing project. We hope to support multiple collaborating sites all based on SuttaCentral. Create an EBT-Site of your own today! :smile:


This is awesome :pray:t4::relaxed: Will try my hand at it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:thank you!


Is this posted as a topic here? I saw @sabbamitta ‘s post about Dhammaregen and wished I knew German :hugs:! but didn’t know anyone could test this feature. Or do you want it low-key for now…


Anagarika Sabbamitta and I haven’t made a full announcement yet. We were hoping to get a few testers initially to patiently and meticulously test the site out for their own use. EBT-Site is stable enough to support some testers. If you’d like to test, simply fork the EBT-Site repo and let us know how it goes. Anagarika and I will meet today to discuss how to coordinate the efforts and feedback of the testers.


I’m a not an expert on GitHub, but your instructions are clear so will get my fork and try to start cooking up a site :relaxed: 🧑🏽‍🍳

Thank you both :pray:t4::grin: :pray:t4: This is a lovely initiative :heart_eyes:


Cool! When you are happy with your EBT-Site, we’ll add it to the EBT-Site registry so that we can all share and browse sister-sites.


It is indeed looking amazing, Karl, you are a wizard!