Suggestion: Put the Nikaya Initials, Number, and the Pali Name Of The Sutta In the Content Area


Put the Nikaya Initials, Number, and the Pali Name Of The Sutta In the Content Area

I like to take notes on the suttas. I like to paste the nikaya initials, number, Pali name, and English name into my notes, then hyperlink it to Sutta Central.

It would be easier to do that if all of those things were in the content area to be copied for pasting.

Right now I have to switch to the dual Pali & English view to get it all, and then switch back so that the hyperlink I harvest doesn’t go to that dual view.

Thanks for considering this.

Hi, I’m just trying to understand exactly what it is you would like to see.

I think the quickest way to get the info that you’re looking for would be to open the “parallels” dialogue, then copy the info from the first couple of lines:

The Prime Net
DN 1

That’s the info you want, right? Not in the order you want it, but maybe good enough?

Have you tried any of these bookmarklets?

One will get you a markdown link that has citation and Pali title. It shouldn’t be too hard to grab the English title from the page. If you make one, please share in that thread.

Bhante @Sujato, perhaps it would be possible to start adding the translation title into the page title?

You mean <head><title>?


now Discourse want 20 chars.

This is what I see now:

I would like to have text that I could copy and paste into my notes like this:

AN 6.34 - With Mahamoggallana - Mahāmoggallānasutta

to make into a hyperlink

Right now, I can do that, but it is cumbersome. I have to go into the side by side view to get the Pali title ( extremely useful considering different translators use different numbering systems ).

How do I find those bookmarklets ?

Did you read the post? They are there with the instructions. You could also google “bookmarklet” to see more detailed instructions.

I didn’t understand what you wrote in the other post. I looked up “bookmarklet” and I don’t understand how it would make getting the string “Sutta initials - Pali Title - English Title” easier from Sutta Central.

Well, once you have the bookmarklet set up, you click it. Then it does whatever the bookmarklet is written to do. In this case it copies the information you want to the clipboard.

Except that those don’t grab the English title and put it to the clipboard. You’d have to tweak it.

The Pali title is right there in the toolbar of the screenshot you gave me.

I already suggested another way of getting the info you want. Here’s another one.

On the page of the screenshot you gave, select from the last item in the breadcrumb menu through to the main title. Like this.

Copy and paste it, you get:

AN 6.34
Mahāmoggallānasutta—Bhikkhu Sujato
Numbered Discourses 6.34
4. Deities
With Mahāmoggallāna

Delete the info you don’t want.