suggestions for a pali name?

Hello community,

This is an open invitation for people to suggest a Pali name for a male anagarika (myself) who will be going forth sometime in the next few months.

All ideas will be gratefully received.

With humble thanks in advance,



Hi Sukhi,

Welcome to the forums and congratulations on going forth! :slight_smile:

What about something with santuṭṭhi, which means contentment (among other things).


You probably want someone who knows Pali (not me) to check that it makes sense though.



Have you looked through Malalasekera’s Dictionary of Pali Proper Names for ideas?

Vol.1: Dictionary Of Pali Proper Names Vol.i : G. P. Malalasekera : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Vol.2: Dictionary Of Pali Proper Names Vol.ii : G. P. Malalasekera : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Much anumodanā for your going forth :pray:


Thank you both kindly.
There is already another monk in my locality with the name Santutthi, so I think I will follow Leon’s suggestion and peruse that dictionary.
Nice suggestion though. Gracias.

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FWIW, when I was ordained as an anagarika in Thailand, my abbot asked me about my date of birth, the time of my birth, and some other questions. He then wrote out the Pali name on a piece of paper and handed it to me. I had no role in choosing the name, but it was a nice, traditional way to receive a Pali ordination name. Maybe go this way, and see what you might receive?


This is how it worked for an American-born friend of mine who recently ordained at the Thai wat I attend in Oregon (USA).



Do people who ordain can choose name for themselves or are they assinged by ordaining monk?
Does it depend on tradition/school/place etc.?
Are there places where people can actually choose names for themsevles? Never heard of such situation yet, but I just know of few cases, thats why I am asking :slight_smile:

As to suggestions, I think it is you who should know what name would you like, because you know yourself best, and what aspects or practice resonates with you most, or what would you like your name to remind you of.

For example there are monks who are always very serious and reserved, so for example the name “Mudito” would be really not as great for them, as for monks who are generally cheerful on day to day basis.

So for example lets say that a monk/anagarika is very energetic and really working hard and practice very diligentnly to erase defilements, do some good work etc. Then the name “Viriyo” would be really nice for him.

Just my reflections on this.

Good luck on your going forth and your path :pray:


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Are ordination names intended to be descriptive or aspirational?