Sujato and Thanissaro's contradictory translations of AN 7.52 (about giving)

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I was reading AN 7.52, which is about how different motivations of giving can result in rebirth in different levels of heaven. The highest motivation for giving results in rebirth in the Brahma world. However, there is disagreement in the translation in regards to the fate of such a person. Sujato’s translation reads in regards to such a person after living in the Brahma world:
“When that deed, success, fame, and dominion is spent they return to this state of existence.”

But Thanissaro’s translation reads:
“Then, having exhausted that action, that power, that status, that sovereignty, he is a non-returner. He does not come back to this world.”

These two completely contradict. I notice the Pali uses the word “Anagami”, so my hunch is that Thanissaro’s is correct. I’m thinking that Sujato might have made the error when he abbreviated his translation with ellipses, and that he didn’t see the slight difference between “Agami” for the previous 6 motivations and “Anagami” for the 7th and last.

Thoughts? Am I missing something here?


Let’s tag bhante @sujato who may check it!


Oops, sorry, my mistake, I have corrected it.


Thanks for the feedback, Bhante! However, I still don’t see it fixed…?

A hard refresh should help: press Ctrl + F5 at the same time.

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Hard refresh doesn’t work.

“Fixed” means it’s fixed in the translation app. It takes some time for corrections to make it to the main site.