Suriya Sutta & the scientific fact of the eclipse

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I just wonder how to understand the sutta that said that one being swallowed the sun, or that the reason of eclipse is that one being swallows the sun, and how does it match the scientific fact of the eclipse, especially it is common among the Muslims that they believe also that when it happens “I mean the eclipse” all Muslims must pray for god at this time and they call this pray “The eclipse pray”, and many Muslims “and I’m one of them” left Islam because of these nonsense explanations about the cosmos, So I wonder how to understand this sutta, and is there any contradiction between this sutta and the scientific fact of the eclipse?

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It does not match current knowledge of the phenomenon
Good thing no practical aspect of the eightfold path and/or none of the others elements of the 37 principles towards awakening depend or have anything to do with explainimg eclipses. :sweat_smile:
Note that your question is quite open ended and a definitive answer will likely not be objectively found .
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Could you post a link to the sutta?


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A practitioner who gravitates towards details such as in the OP is going to the periphery of the turning wheel rather than towards the still hub. Those who become preoccupied with such knowledge will go round in circles as it is focusing on conditioned phenomena rather than the unconditioned. Science is contained within conditioned reality.

"I tell you, friend, that it is not possible by traveling to know or see or reach a far end of the cosmos where one does not take birth, age, die, pass away, or reappear. But at the same time, I tell you that there is no making an end of suffering & stress without reaching the end of the cosmos. Yet it is just within this fathom-long body, with its perception & intellect, that I declare that there is the cosmos, the origination of the cosmos, the cessation of the cosmos, and the path of practice leading to the cessation of the cosmos.”—-SN 2.26

To establish a practice a central core of knowledge must be made based on the Anapanasati (MN 118) and Satipatthana ( MN 10) suttas. This must then be used to develop personal experience, and the first and second section of both suttas shows how to experience the dhamma in the body.


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SN 2.10 belongs to the group that are chanted by monastics for devotional and ceremonial purposes. The intent of the sutta revolves around the Buddha’s intervention on a level capable of moving the spheres, which is supposed to illustrate his powers. This is to assist in the recollection of the Buddha, a devotional theme. While such a recollection does have a subsidiary place in western Buddhism, that particular image would not be appropriate in the scientific cultural context.

The images used for recollection of the Buddha in the western school depend on bringing to mind that he achieved enlightenment through his own efforts and that the path has been shown and can be experienced:

"But I tell you this: If — when you have gone into the wilderness, to the shade of a tree, or to an empty building — there should arise fear, terror, or horripilation, then on that occasion you should recollect me: ‘Indeed, the Blessed One is worthy & rightly self-awakened, consummate in knowledge & conduct, well-gone, an expert with regard to the world, unexcelled as a trainer for those people fit to be tamed, the Teacher of divine & human beings, awakened, blessed.’ For when you have recollected me, whatever fear, terror, or horripilation there is will be abandoned.”

"If you can’t recollect me, then you should recollect the Dhamma: ‘The Dhamma is well-expounded by the Blessed One, to be seen here & now, timeless, inviting verification, pertinent, to be realized by the wise for themselves.’ For when you have recollected the Dhamma, whatever fear, terror, or horripilation there is will be abandoned.”—-SN 11.3

The image of the Buddha intervening to have the sun and moon manipulated refers to the epithet “an expert with regard to the world,” where “world” refers to all three spheres of conditioned existence: Buddhanussati: Meditation on the Buddha - Theravada Buddhism & Meditation in Nicosia, Cyprus


Please check my post above and that there is a Buddhist centre in Nicosia.

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