Sutta Central Forum Management Committee

The Sutta Central Forum Management Committee (SCFMC, FMC, management committee) was formed during 2023-4. It is a small group of volunteers who have long-term experience with the Forum and a commitment to promoting its health and wellbeing as a place where all people interested in Buddhism and the EBTs can communicate with each other in a safe environment. Its aims and duties are explained below.

The aims of the management committee are to:

  1. promote informed discussion from EBT experts and enthusiasts
  2. present a diversity of voices (race/ethnicity/gender/LGBTQIA+ inclusive)
  3. support discussion of current societal issues in a manner which is aligned with the EBTs
  4. build an online spiritual community for thoughtful discussion and discovery of the Early Buddhist Texts in order to deepen understanding and application of the Buddha’s teachings
  5. provide a place for translators and programmers involved in projects related to the EBT

The duties of the management committee are to:

  1. collaborate with Bhantes Sujato and Brahmali
  2. steer the direction of the forum
  3. support the moderation and admin teams
  4. support volunteers who are in technical and other roles
  5. hold meetings as needed to formalise written chat discussions and post minutes in the management category
  6. hold regular meetings (3 or 4 a year) with moderators and admin to discuss the direction of the forum and see that minutes are placed in the management category
  7. review forum rules and guidelines in the light of changing circumstances or issues within the community
  8. keep users informed about forum developments, policy changes, and important announcements through regular updates posted in the meta category.

Structure and conduct of the management committee

Stakeholders What they do What they want
Bhante Sujato Original concept and implementation. Forum mission and vision. Contribute material. For the forum to provide in depth discussion of EBTs & a doorway into Buddhism. Not to be involved in oversight.
FMC Forum mission and vision. Policy and standards. Support to mods (group and individual) Technical support/implementation from Admin. Policy implementation support from Mods.
Admin Technical maintenance. Run helpdesk. xxx
Mods Enforcing policy and standards. Categorisation of topics. Welcoming newcomers. Moderation of discussons. Enforcement of rules and penalties Support from Bhante S & FMC.
Users Contribute material and discussion. Maintain community standards through flagging. Friendly environment. Minimal but clear policy.

Every 2 calendar years a post will be placed in the lounge to renew the membership.

Ideally the membership will consist of 1 layman, 1 laywoman, 1 female monastic and 1 male monastic and a person from the trans or gender diverse community (either monastic or lay).

Should Forum members wish to communicate with the Management Committee they can send a PM to @management.