Sutta Central offline in IOS

Dear friends,

I’ve ben searching and couldn’t find a solution to that so I’m posting mine.

There is an amazing app called Documents (Readdle) where you can donwload the zip file of the site, unzip it, and browse it, all inside the app. It’s works very good for me.

I have also found today this, that maybe for someone with a bit more knowledge than me it’s easy to create an app for offline use.

Hope it’s useful!


Documents for iPhone is the best! Great for downloading MP3 talks directly too.
I never thought to use it download the zip. Thank you


@Pasanna @Hugo I’m pretty technically illiterate so hope one of you can help me with a couple questions:
Where is the zip file of the site found?
How do you use ‘documents for iphone’ to download MP3 talks?

I do have an iPhone (finally broke down and got one this year when my ancient flip phone died and I discovered flip phones are hard to come by–my iPhone is the SE model) but to be honest, I’ve only really used it to make calls, crazy I know.

Thanks for the tip, please let us know how it works.


Hi @Linda
I’ll try and break it down for you

Warning: You will need 1GB of free space on your phone/iPad (
not a problem in your case Linda)

  1. On you phone open the App Store (It’s a Blue square with an A in it on my phone). Click the search icon and search for Documents by Readdle. OR on you can click here while on your iphone/iPad.

  2. Tap the install button and put in your Apple password (it’s a free purchase).

  3. Click the big round button on the bottom of your phone to take you back to your desktop and find the new icon called documents. You might have to swipe-left to your last ‘page’ if you have more than one screen of icons.

  4. When Documents opens click on the little blue icon at the bottom with the compass in it.

  5. At the top in the Go To Address bar, type and click Go

  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click Downloads…

  7. Scroll down to where the Offline SuttaCentral heading is and choose the file that starts with sc-offline- and ends with .zip. It’s a big file so you might want to be on wifi. You will also need to make sure you have space on your phone/ipad.

  8. You will be asked where you would like to save the file. The default is Documents/Downloads. If you want it somewhere else change this. The following instructions will assume you went with the default.

  9. You should see a progress bar show your download. Once it’s complete; tap the folder icon on the bottom left. Tap the Downloads Folder and you should find the file name ‘sc-offline…zip’ as above.

  10. It should unzip and you should be able to rename the folder. Click inside the folder and find the file called index.html. This is the homepage.

I hope this is clear and works as described. My phone is full of dhamma talks and has no space for SC right now :frowning: The last two steps are somewhat theoretical. Once you confirm it works I will edit my post.

Side note: to download dhamma talks you would do the same as above but where you typed the address for Suttacentral you would type the address of dharma seed or the BSWA web address and click the download link you would like.

Side note 2: you would only want to download the offline version of SC onto your phone if you are regularly without internet access. It displays very nicely in your phone’s browser (Safari icon)


Dear @Pasanna,
Thank you so much! I will let you know how it works (may be a little while)

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Very well explained @Pasanna! Good luck @Linda ; )

I use it for Dhamma talks too, Documents features are what IOS should have by default!

@Linda once you unzip the file clicking in it in step 10, and you are sure that you have the folder with its content, you can delete that zip file to save some space.


Once again, evidence that I am a doofus. I work in IT, have an iPhone and and iPad, and had no idea this most excellent application existed. Thanks for mentioning it, @Hugo! SC is now downloaded. It will be great to be able to pop back and forth between ATI, SC, and the Wisdom Publications translations on the Kindle app. Sometimes I get a better “feel” for a sutta if I read more than one translation of it, and Documents is going to make that much more convenient.

Speaking of ATI, have there been any thoughts about creating an SC application to offer in the phone/tablet online stores, the way ATI has done?

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There is an android app on its way in the next few months. iOS will hopefully follow.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Documents. There’s so much you can do with it. If you have enough space you can combine it with your favourite YouTube rip page for offline video :slight_smile:


The new site will behave like an app, but won’t be available through app stores, at least, not as I understand it. There’s no need for an app store; you just visit the site and it sets itself up automatically. The only reason to be in an app store is discoverability; but that’s what Google is for!

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