Sutta Compilation Book!

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I’m dealing with some unexpected stuff at the moment, so I can’t sit down and spend much time on this project for now. I will return to it in a week or so, most likely.

In the meantime, some more replies to various matters:

  1. My plan is three titled book sets: The Longer Discourses of the Buddha (complete), The Middle Discourses of the Buddha (complete), and then Selected Shorter Discourses of the Buddha, because the shorter ones in most cases seem like the most repetitive, and many repetitive discourses in a row wouldn’t fit what most people expect when they pick up a book. I didn’t see much value to the word “Length” in the title, so I dropped it.

  2. The spaces between paragraphs are an artifact of the HTML, but I’ve kept them on purpose. I’d considered making the margins much smaller to allow for notes (I love writing in my books), but spaces between paragraphs also serve that function, and they’re already in place, so they’ve stayed.

  3. Please do port these files elsewhere to publish. I went to Lulu because I’ve published some other projects there before, mostly reprinting out-of-print public domain books that I’d wanted in paper form.

  4. If anyone produces a spiral-bound version, I’d love to hear feedback about how it went and address any potential problems in that format.


As an aside, In terms of MN 1, I found the BPS booklet by Bhikkhu Bodhi on this and its commentries quite useful… BP210s


@sipsmi Do you mean this one?

Either way it looks interesting and worthwhile.


The book has arrived! :heart_eyes:
Thanks a lot, can’t wait to start reading.


Excellent! The next volume is on its way to me now, and it should be available for buying and gifting in just a few more days, once I’ve addressed the publishing or typographic issues.


OMG :star_struck: If you have one spare, a copy for Santi Forest Monastery would be amazing!


I’ll send you both volumes in just a couple of days, and there will be more in the weeks to come.