Sutta Compilation Book!

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Hey @Gus,

Any chance you’ll ever do Bhikkhu Bodhi’s ‘In the Buddha’s Words’ anthology, but with Ven. Sujato’s translations?

Maybe it’s a bit of a weird request, but Ven. Bodhi’s anthology is the collection of suttas I have come to know best, and I would love to be able to read through Ven. Sujato’s translations in the same order, and see if I can learn something from reading the suttas from two slightly different angles.

I know I can do it online but I dislike reading from a screen :cry:


Greetings Gus,

I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying reading your printed volumes of Ajahn Sujatos translation of Middle discourses. It is so good that I can hold and read each volume, just like a book, not too heavy and unwieldy - just perfect :smiley:

Every now and again while reading, I just contemplate how this book I’m holding in my hand, came to be, and I’m thankful. All the work of all the contributors; Bhante Sujato, Ven Yodha and yourself :sparkling_heart:

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu :anjal:


Thank you! The Digha Nikaya is coming soon, I promise. I’ve dithered a bit about some production choices, but even so I’m on a super-fast schedule compared to “real” publishers. I’ve also been putting the books in a Little Free Library nearby, and who knows who will find them there…


Just in case there is any scope for a wider margin (wishful thinking) an extra 3 or 4 mm on the inner margin would be pretty great. This is in relation to reading the back of pages, where the nice and firm binding goes almost up to the print when it’s folded back…

Am almost embarrassed to mention something so small, it is great as it is. It would no doubt add to the length.



I’m afraid I don’t know how to fix that with They have templates that I need to work with, and the margins are pre-set for me. Adjusting them now would require resetting the whole thing to prevent widows and orphans (single lines of text belonging to a paragraph that appears on the next/previous page). There are also a lot of headers, and those shouldn’t appear all alone at the bottom of the page either. It means redoing a big chunk of the project, I’m afraid.

But I do like the idea, and when some time has passed to correct more typos and the like, I’ll probably do a second edition with better inside margins.


Don’t even think about it! :slight_smile:


This is just GREAT! Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu :pray: my friend :clap::clap::clap::clap: