Sutta description & tag for SN 3.1 incorrect in subject index

In subject index it is mentioned like this - Age is no measure of wisdom: SN 3.1

in my view, this sutra should be named as - dont judge four things by age, or something like that…

it should not tagged to the topic ageing - maybe can be tagged to topic young or youth, somethig like that

please check & advise . thanks.

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As Ven. Sabbamitta said there are countless problems with the index pages. I don’t think that there is any interest by the devs to make corrections since it really needs an entire re-do.

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Indeed, yes. We inherited the Indexes from Access to Insight, and while they are overall quite useful, they have multiple issues. At some point we would like to do something better, but it is a lot of work.

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