Sutta - despite weeping, abandon sensual pleasures?

I recall a sutta, I think from AN, where the Buddha praises the bhikkhu who, even though he weeps and beats his breast because of abandoning sensual pleasures, he persists at it. My detail recollection may be off, but that was the gist of it. Can anyone direct me to it? Thanks!

I think that’s a sutta featuring Anuruddha.

Definitely plausible! Honestly I don’t have a good idea who taught in the sutta or to whom. All I remember distinctly is the theme of one abandoning sensual pleasures despite weeping and beating the breast.

AN 4.5

And what is the person who goes against the stream? Here, someone does not indulge in sensual pleasures or perform bad deeds. Even with pain and dejection, weeping with a tearful face, he lives the complete and purified spiritual life. This is called the person who goes against the stream.



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@Mkoll, AN 5.5 is also similar to what you are asking about.

“Bhikkhus, any bhikkhu or bhikkhunī who lives the complete and pure spiritual life, even with pain and dejection, weeping with a tearful face, gains five reasonable grounds for praise in this very life. …