Sutta on Dana listed as AN 7.49 on AccessToInsight / AN 7.52 on SC

I seached for a sutta on dana and this sutta, listed as AN 7.49, came up on AccessToInsight:
When I looked up AN 7.49 on Sutta Central I found a different sutta:

Two questions:

  1. Could someone please confirm that the numbering is wrong on AccessToInsight? (I’m new to navigating the Pali canon, so it is possible I still don’t understand the numbering.)
  2. Where can I find the sutta on dana listed on AccessToInsight?

Thank you!


Hi JimInBC,

Unfortunately, there are some different numbering systems because for short suttas it is sometimes not clear where to put the boundaries between suttas. This affects some of the SN and AN suttas. See this discussion:


Thank you, @mikenz66! That’s really helpful!


Over the years, Pali and Buddhist scholars have used a bewildering array of numbering schemes to refer to suttas and other passages in the Tipitaka.—ATI

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