Sutta question help?

what sutta is it where the buddha says his nibbana is the same as kassapa’s or something? i can’t remember it :frowning:

Maybe this MN 81? :nerd_face:

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thank you but no, it may not have been kassapa.

the buddha says “my attainment:m/nibbana is this. so such and such bhikkhu’s attainment/nibbana is also the same”

that’s all i remember of it lol

Maybe someone else can help here :sweat_smile:. The closest I can relate are MN 111 or SN 16.11 :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Maybe SN 16.9?


Could it be SN 47.12? (Also in DN 16 & DN 28.)

Sir, though I don’t comprehend the minds of Buddhas past, future, and present, still I understand this by inference from the teaching. […] ‘All the perfected ones, fully awakened Buddhas—whether past, future, or present—give up the five hindrances, corruptions of the heart that weaken wisdom. Their mind is firmly established in the four kinds of mindfulness meditation. They correctly develop the seven awakening factors. And they wake up to the supreme perfect awakening.’

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Strangely, something seems to be wrong with this Sutta on production currently. The link works on staging, though: SuttaCentral

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thank you bhante! this was it!

ah thank you. not quite it but good to read!

thanks for the help hehe