Sutta reading group: Samyutta Nikaya

Hi, Dhamma friends

We are a little Sutta reading buddy group.

We choose a Nikaya, and each of us read same weekly verses as a daily practice and write comments. Then we meet biweekly in Zoom to discuss and to support each other.

  • Reading Sutta is a beautiful practice. For me it is as if I meet and listen Buddha in person. Sutta is like a time machine to bring us back to the presence of the Buddha. ^^

  • This buddy group helps to read Sutta everyday and to finish the whole book.

  • Great chance to make new Dhamma friends too! We are international, diverse, and small.

Our next book is Samyutta Nikaya (Connected discourse of the Buddha).

We will start from mid September. SN consists of 5 books. Each book has around 200-350 pages. We plan to read about 50 pages per week( 7-10 pages per day). Then it will take about 25 weeks to finish in 2023 March.

Zoom meetings are usually on Fridays at 17:30 (Zurich)/11:30(EST)/8:30(PDT)

If you are interested in joining us, you are most welcome. Please PM me. :slight_smile:
May the Dhamma be with our heart.


Hi @Virocini,

Welcome to the D&D forum and thanks for organising a sutta reading group!

Enjoy the multiple resources here available: may these be of assistance along the path.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the @moderators.

With Metta,
On behalf of the moderators

It will be good for everyone to know about what are the study outcomes of the sutta reading?

Thank you for your kind support, Ric.
I am so grateful to find this place with Sutta lovers.

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Great idea! Thank you for your advice.
I will add more in the posting.

Hi Virocini,
I think you’ve come to the right place if you are looking for sutta lovers! :slight_smile:

One small thing to be aware of regarding Private Messages (PMs) is that while new users like yourself can receive them, they cannot send them for a period after signing up. PMs are the best way for users here to send you contact details. However, you may not be able to directly PM them back to thank them, for the moment! That’s something for other users to be aware of also, I guess (no PM reply back will not be a sign of impoliteness :wink: ).