Sutta translations in Dutch now online


Various Dutch translations from the AN, MN, DN, SN and KN are now available online on Sutta Central. Most translations come from and the DN22 from the Vipassana Research Institute.
If anybody has any information about other Dutch translations, please let me know.


Dear Vimala.

your original message is fairly old so im not sure it is still a relevant request, but in the event that it is here a reply. The last few years we have been working on our website Buddho Samatha Meditatie which you might not know yet. There are several dutch translations of teachings by well known Theravada teachers an there is also a dutch translation of the samannaphala sutta and a dutch translation of the kalama sutta will follow the next couple of weeks. You are welkom to use these. Over the next few years we will probably make some more sutta translations, if you are interested I could let you know.
Lots of good luck in this great endevour!

With metta,



Greetings @wouterdoorn and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Thanks for your great post

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Thanks so much, this is fantastic. It is always so nice when people work together! @Aminah is now handling the text preparation side of things, so I’ll let her get in touch with you.


Hello, wouterdoorn and yet further thanks.

Yes, indeed, in fact, I already added this to the to-do list last week, and have the understanding that it is a pending process. Will keep watching this space!


Well, that is excellent! :pray: