Sutta translations into Turkish

Respectful friends;

I have been translating suttas into Turkish for some time and I wonder if I can make them available at suttacentral to the Turkish audience.

I hope this space is the right one to address this issue as I could not find any other contact.

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Sadhu sadhu!

That’s a question for Bhante @Sujato.

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Thank you. Expecting Bhante’s answer.
All the best wishes…


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Hi, sorry I only noticed this now.

We’d love to have some Turkish translations! Thanks for reaching out.

Let me briefly explain how we work, and you can tell me how you fit in with this.

Firstly, we support two kinds of translations.

  • Aligned translations are made with our Bilara software.
  • Legacy translations are made independently and adapted for SC.

If at all possible, I’d strongly recommend that you use Bilara and do the translations there. It will let you align your text with the pali, add comments, and many other benefits.

However, if you want to submit legacy translations, that is also fine, and we can help convert your source files for SC’s usage.

May I ask, how many translations are we talking about here/

Dear Bhante Sujato,
:pray: :pray: :pray:

Thank you for your kind and detailed message. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kindness in providing us with all the suttas you have translated into English and the interpretations provided. We benefit so much from this work to deepen our understanding and practice.

We have been trained in the Theravada tradition by Cem Shen, our Turkish master (a lay teacher) since 2010. We are lay followers of Buddha and have a sangha around 300 students. Recently a small group of us started supporting our teacher with teaching duties. In this process recently I have translated Dhammapada and we are trying to get it published for general audience. Also we have translated with our teacher and my sangha the so-called cardinal suttas. I will below provide a list of these. On the other hand almost daily I am translating one or two suttas when my schedule allows. I am going through Anguttara Nikaya and translating suttas I see as critical for learning for our students. In total I estimate we have close to 100 suttas translated to Turkish.

In regard to your first question I am not sure whether I can manage translations with Bilara software (although I am a real fan of reading suttas with pali references on this website) given the workload. But I can try and see whether we can find a volunteer from our students to support this migration.

Again I would like to thank you for your kind interest…

Ufuk Cakmakci

List of Suttas:


  1. Dhammacakkappavattana
  2. Anatta-Lakkhana
  3. Adittapariyaya
  4. Mahasatipatana
  5. Anapanasati
  6. Maha-sunnata
  7. Cula-sunnata
  8. Bāhiya
  9. Kalama
  10. Mathupindika
  11. Ambalatthika-rahulovada
  12. Mahā Rāhulovāda
  13. Devadaha
  14. Mangala
  15. Mahānāma
  16. Cakkavatti
  17. Kaccanagotta
  18. Upanissa
  19. Sigala
  20. Brahmajāla
  21. Aggañña
  22. Sumana
  23. Ogha-taraṇa
  24. Sakka-pañha
  25. Dantabhumi
  26. Dasadhamma
  27. Ratana
  28. Karaniya Metta
  29. Mittanisamsa
  30. Dhajagga
  31. Angulimala
  32. Adhimutta
  33. Mahaparinibbana


  1. Prajna Paramita
  2. Xinxin Ming
  3. Diamond that cuts through illusion (Thich Nath Hanh)
  4. Nagarjuna’s Letter to a Friend

In theory using Bilara would save you time. However if you are translating a variety of somewhat unique suttas it may not be of much help.

Best wishes for your continued work!

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Excellent, thanks for the background, and please give my respects to your teacher.

If you have a hundred or so suttas available, probably best to start by converting them to use as legacy texts. Then if you like we can discuss working on Bilara in future.

@Snowbird I’m wondering if you have time to take up another text conversion project?

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Sure, shall we start a PM?


Yes please, I would like to proceed with this. We have only one sutta that is being revised… So very soon we can start uploading…

Dear Bhante Sujato,
Thank you for your answer.
My teacher also asked me to extend his best regards and respects to you.
Best wishes,