Sutta where Buddha healed from a distance(Power of Faith)

This is to show that the power of faith works. Because the physical which becomes what you use to impress the subconscious mind. If you keep believing like the lady said. You open the possibility to get healed. Because your sending the conviction to the subconscious mind.

For sure the Gracious One is a Perfect Sambuddha, who teaches the Dhamma for the giving up of suffering such as this; for sure the Gracious One’s Community of disciples are good in their practice, who practice for the giving up of suffering such as this; it is sure that Emancipation is truly happy, where suffering such as this is not found.

Buddha acts then like the Middle Path of the conscious and subconscious to send back the believe to the conscious mind. The healer.

While the lady was at home Buddha said this word to her man,

Happy may the Koliyan lady Suppavāsā be, and healthy, and may she give birth to a healthy son.” And with this word of the Gracious One, the Koliyan lady Suppavāsā became happy and healthy, and gave birth to a healthy son.

When the man went home she was already happy and healthy, and gave birth to a healthy son.

Surely it is wonderful, surely it is marvellous, the Realised One’s great power and great majesty, in as much as this Koliyan lady Suppavāsā, with this word of the Gracious One, became happy and healthy, and to a healthy son gave birth”, and he was elated, gladdened, joyful and happy.

This sutta is truly a lesson that Faith is all in your hand.
That’s why later in the sutta.

If, reverend Sir, master Mahāmoggallāna is my surety for three things—for wealth, for life, and for faith—the Koliyan lady Suppavāsā may make her seven meals, and afterwards I will make mine.”

For two things, friend, I am your surety—for wealth and for life—but for faith you are the surety.”

Like is said in modern times. You are the magic

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today science name “placebo effect” to the ignorance of what healed the person. The word placebo means “to please others”. Also we could say the faith in the Buddha arise to please the Truth, and in that way Faith becomes another door available to get freedom according Dhamma teachings:

“And what person is freed by faith? It’s a person who doesn’t have direct meditative experience of the peaceful liberations that are formless, transcending form. Nevertheless, having seen with wisdom, some of their defilements have come to an end. And their faith is settled, rooted, and planted in the Tathagata. This person is called freed by faith.”


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Oh ok then I don’t then placebo effect but litterly the power lies in us to change the mind.