Sutta with 5 reasons for decline in the number of arahants

Would be grateful if someone who might know which sutta contains the following or similar could point it out to me please _/_ have scoured the web and not yet found the sutta reference, although I’m pretty sure it exists as have heard Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi and Venerable Dhammavuddho mentioning the content;

'Venerable Maha Kassapa had once asked the Buddha the reasons for decline in the number of arahants with the increase in rules and were given the presence of 5 detrimental attitudes :

  1. Lack of respect for the Buddha
  2. Lack of respect for the Dhamma
  3. Lack of respect for the Sangha
  4. Lack of respect for the training
  5. Lack of respect for samadhi.
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Aha! found it :slight_smile: SN 16.13
The Counterfeit of the True Teaching (saddha­m­ma­p­patirupa­kasu­tta)

The true teaching doesn’t disappear like a ship that sinks all at once.
seyyathapi, kassapa, nava adikeneva opilavati;
na kho, kassapa, evam saddhammassa antaradhanam hoti.

There are five detrimental things that lead to the decline and disappearance of the true teaching.
pancha khome, kassapa, okkamaniya dhamma saddhammassa sammosaya antaradhanaya samvattanti.
What five?
katame pancha?
It’s when the monks, nuns, laymen, and laywomen lack respect and reverence for the Teacher, the teaching, the Saṅgha, the training, and immersion.
idha, kassapa, bhikkhu bhikkhuniyo upasaka upasikayo satthari agarava viharanti appatissa, dhamme agarava viharanti appatissa, sanghe agarava viharanti appatissa, sikkhaya agarava viharanti appatissa, samadhismim agarava viharanti appatissa—