SuttaCentral 2021 Launch Event

To share these achievements with you, we would love for you to join, “Meet SuttaCentral 2021”
Attendance may be either in person or via webinar.
Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the new capabilities of our site and meet the team.

Event Date: Friday the 2nd of April 2021 (Time zone: Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

In-person event. (sponsored by Friends of Bhante Sujato)
Venue: Rydges Parramatta - Triple crown ballroom
(free parking on-site)
Arrive at 6 PM for pre-drinks and networking: the presentation will start at 7.00 PM.
Register here:

If you unable to attend in person please register here to join the webinar at 7 PM

Looking forward to seeing you!


Hi @Deepika,

I want to sign up for the Zoom session, but the link takes me directly to Zoom and I fill in my details, but I don’t get any confirmation. Is just filling in my email enough to sign up? Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hi Danny, there is no need to sign up for the webinar, you can access it when the session opens on the day, we will repost the link on the 1st of April as a reminder. Looking forward to seeing you. TC


I won’t be in the Sydney area unfortunately, so I’m so grateful for the webinar. :smiley:
Hope you’re doing well Deepika. :slight_smile:


Is now here! Perhaps this thread should be renamed “SuttaCentral '21 Launch Party”? :partying_face:


We are well Gillian, have a good Easter break, see you when we see you. TC xoxo

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For those who need help with time conversions



The Suttacentral launch even start at 2021-04-02T08:00:00Z

And we can join with Zoom:


I hope the event went well. :pray: :dharmawheel:

Unfortunately I missed it.
Was it recorded, and are there any plans to upload the recording?

With Metta and congratulations :smiley:


There was some great stuff there. Congratulations and thanks for all the hard work!

It was great to hear from Bhante @sujato, Mark Allon, @cdpatton and several others, but there were some technical difficulties that made some of it difficult to hear, so I also hope that the recordings will be uploaded.


It was great to hear from Bhante Sujato, but the Good Friday stress on our local wifi delivery phased Ajahn Brahm right out and I gave up on Mark and Charles altogether I’m afraid. So I too am looking forward to the recording.