SuttaCentral 2021: March 31 update

Hey @all :slightly_smiling_face:

The latest version of SuttaCentral is updated today.
The front-end update is as follows:

  1. Use “linear progress bar” instead of three dots.
  2. Use HTML custom data attributes for counters, etc.
  3. Fixed: image link in copyright says undefined.
  4. Fixed: ToC on legacy texts does not take you to the proper heading.
  5. Translate relevant name files for Vinaya.
  6. Ref in Indexes is display: none.
  7. Fix spacing in help for lookup.
  8. Variant readings sidenote for root texts.
  9. Fixed: Breadcrumbs in some SN texts are buggy.
  10. Fixed: Pali texts (and other root texts?) are not showing in search results.
  11. Fixed: CPED language is often incorrect in search results.
  12. Fix underline on firefox.
  13. Use English as the default dictionary if none available in the user language.
  14. Improve cache-busting for new versions.

The back end update is as follows:

  1. Fix error message for Bilara: ValueError: Structure of html is not body > article.

If you find any problems in use, please give me feedback in time, thank you :pray:


Thanks so much Hongda, that’s an impressive list of fixes in such a short time!


Much of this comes from your efforts :pray:


Many thanks, @HongDa and all!

I can report that search now works on Pali texts, although the “Root texts” filter finds nothing.

Users can restrict a search to Pali texts using the following example: " rūpa AND lang:pli".

Note: it may be necessary to clear the browser cache first.

Edit: Also the random entries in various languages from the Concise Pali English Dictionary no longer appear.

Thanks again!


Thank you for your feedback :pray:

although the “Root texts” filter finds nothing.

I’ll fix the problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much for having Sutta Central Voice, where I can actually hear the suttas.

My brain is such that the written word doesn’t persist in my memory as well as hearing it. So Sutta Central Voice is a sheer boon for me! Moreover, hearing AND reading along switch on two senses, which hyperfacilitates my comprehension and retention.

SOOO grateful!

Question: is there a way to boost the Sutta Central Voice playback speed?

:pray:t2: Adin


Maybe @karl_lew knows the answer?


Yes. You can do it in one of two ways:

  1. Choose a faster voice. Amy is slow. Matthew is fast.
  2. Download the audio and set your player speed as you wish.

Glad Voice is helping with Dhamma study! :heart:

Have you tried listening to the suttas while walking meditation?
Also try bilingual Pali/English. Pali words do seep in upon repeated listening and they do offer a different experience of the suttas.
:meditation: :walking_man:

One practices mindfulness by remembering what was just heard. That would literally be placing the mind.


Dear Karl,

I bow in gratitude for your very clear instructions. :thaibuddha:

Also thanks for the suggestions: to listen while doing walking meditation and to try out the Pāli/English setting. I’ll check it out.

:pray:t2: Adin [ah-DEEN]


Dear HongDa & Bhante,

Thank you very much for your tireless work & also, of your team! What a great way to spread the Dhamma!

In the previous version, there was this very handy feature of being able to hover the mouse over a Pali word, (in Sinhala), to have the English translation appear above the word but, in the new version that doesn’t work for me!

That feature used to be of immense help to me!

I normally use Bhante’s English Translation with Pali version, in Sinhala alphabet, on the side.

Any advice as to how to get it activated in the new version would be gratefully received, with lots of merits!

Thank you!
With Metta,

Click on the word, the translation should appear in a bottom panel.

From there you can use the arrows at the bottom to go to the next or previous word in the text.

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Dear Sabbamitta

Thank you for the advice! Much appreciated!

That feature worked, initially but now, that doesn’t work either!

Any suggestions?

With Metta,

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For me it did right now, as you can see in my screenshot. Try refreshing the page. If it doesn’t work, try a hard refresh: Ctrl + Shift + R

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Thank you very much, Friend Sabbamitta, for the suggestions but, it doesn’t work! Tried on both Google Chrome & MS Edge but, no luck!

Tried Hard Refresh a number of times but, to of no avail!

Every time I action the option, “Change Pali Script” to option, “Sinhala”, it reverts back to, “Latin” though, the script continues to remains in Sinhala, which is what I want. So, no problem, on that. However, I wonder whether that is contributing to the problem on , Pali Word Lookup. I tried changing the References Tab to various options from ,“None” to “All” & with various individual options but, no luck!.

Just once the Pali Word appeared at the bottom & when I clicked it, it took me to another screen for the meaning of the word but, there was no meaning/definition. Then, I tried quite a few common Pali Words which I was sure would be in any Pali Dictionary but, the meanings didn’t come up.

Now, it doesn’t even allow me to click on any word to look for the meaning, i.e. to get it below the line at the bottom!

Its OK, I will have to use a Pali Dictionary independent of SuttaCentral to look for the meanings but, listed the problems here, so that the programmers could take a look at it.

In the previous version, when the mouse was hovered on any Pali Word, it brought up the pronunciation in English together with its meaning. It was a marvelous feature of that version which was worth in Gold, just for that feature, relative to this current version!

Doesn’t matter, just to have Bhante’s translations are good enough!

Thanks, again!

With Metta,

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Very sorry that you have these problems. At this point we should tag in @HongDa to have a look.

Maybe you can still post the exact details of your operating system and browser(s), including the version numbers. Thank you!

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I have troubles when I want to access Patimokkha texts in new SC website. I can’t get the root texts and their translation. :sweat_smile:

Dear Upasako,
Sorry for the inconvenience.
You can try the following methods to hard refresh chrome:

  1. Hold down Ctrl and click the Reload button.
  2. Or, Hold down Ctrl and press F5.
  3. just open the Chrome Dev Tools by pressing F12. Once the chrome dev tools are open, just right click on the refresh button and a menu will drop down.

Dear HongDa,

Thank you for the advice but, non of that is working.

In the previous version, I was able to move the mouse over the Pali word (in Sinhala letters) & then, the meaning would appear in English just above that word. In addition when, I click on the word, it would straight open a new browser & go to the specific word in the dictionary. That was a fantastic feature in the old version. It was extremely useful but, doesn’t seem to be available in this version.
Is there any way that that feature could be brought back, (i.e. the ability to hover the mouse over the Pali Word to see the meaning in English). Thank you!

PS: I don’t visit Discuss & Discover very often but, use the Sutta section on a daily basis to read a Sutta. That is why the delay in responding to your advice. Thanks, again!

With Metta,

Hi Upasako,

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your post, but the Pali lookup does work (but differently from before). It brings up the translation in a box at the bottom if you click on the word. Then you can click on the word in the box to access the dictionary.

It’s just the hovering that doesn’t work, which is, as I understand it, because hovering is not a thing on touchscreens.