SuttaCentral and Wikipedia


Continuing the discussion from Presenting SuttaCentral 2019 to prevent it from derailing off topic.

Thanks, Javier, for your willingness to help. Though anyone can edit Wikipedia, I have no experience myself, so it’s nice to have people like you with more experience.

Currently the Wikipedia page “Theragatha” only refers to the 2014 Sujato & Walton translation, not to the 2019 translation by Bhante. I also noticed that the articles “Digha Nikaya,” “Majjhima Nikaya,” “Samyutta Nikaya,” “Anguttara Nikaya,” and “Sutta Pitaka” do not yet reference Bhante’s 2018 translations. Though not earth-shattering, on some of these pages SuttaCentral is spelled as “Sutta Central.”


Ah I see, yes I can change it !


Just so you know, the recent update of the Theragatha is the same translation ,and also credited to Sujato and Walton. We just haven’t got around to fixing this:


Oh ok, but the thig is just you?


No, they are both Sujato/Walton


Thanks, didn’t know that. In referencing the translations, which year should be used? 2014/2019 for Thag? 2019 for both?


Thag: First edition 214, second edition 2019.
Thig: 2019.

I have just pushed a change to the metadata to reflect this.