SuttaCentral Android App APK Download {UNOFFICIAL} {BETA}

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IMPORTANT: This is an UNOFFICIAL, 3rd party Android App. It has not been developed by SuttaCentral developers. Rather, its an automatically created app (using Appmaker) which runs on the Progressive Web App (PWA) backbone embedded within SuttaCentral. Here is the link to the back story of how this came to be.
The aim of posting the download link is to obtain maximum inputs into the compatibility of the app across various Android flavours and handset models. I’m also posting a link to the source code for those who have the technical expertise and interest to evaluate it. Download and use at your own risk - please post your feedback here too!

SuttaCentral Android App

SuttaCentral Android App - alternate download from Dropbox

SuttaCentral Android App - alternate download by email link via filehosting

How to Install:-

  • Download the APK file to your mobile Android device.
  • Go to Settings - Additional Settings - Privacy - Unknown Sources (Allow installation of apps from unknown sources) and toggle it to ON.
  • Run the APK to install.
  • Go back to Settings and switch the Unknown Sources toggle back to OFF

Using the App Offline:-

  • Go to the home Screen of SuttaCentral.
  • Select the [Use Offline] tab.
  • Scroll down to Download the offline Sutta Data in the selected language (around 27 Mb for English).


  • To get the home menu, swipe from the left side of the screen towards the right. (The three lines in upper left which would ordinarily bring up the menu don’t seem to work)
  • There is an Address bar displayed at the very top of the screen. This is a Feature (just like Ajahn Brahm’s two bad bricks!). As you scroll down, it will get hidden, only to reappear if you scroll up again.
  • Whenever you want to bookmark a particular Sutta, touch the 3 dots in the upper right side of this Address Bar. Selecting the :star: in the displayed menu will allow bookmarking through Chrome bookmarks. This works Offline too! You can bookmark the last read sutta, save browsed suttas to a themed collections etc…
    One cannot access previously saved bookmarks. (This is the bug part).
    To access previously saved bookmarks, use the “Open in Chrome” option lower down in the menu… this will open the page in the stock Chrome browser. From the browser, touching the same three dots on the right side of the address bar will bring up a menu which includes the “Bookmarks” option. This too works offline, provided the PWA download has been made.



Thanks so much, this is awesome. A testament to yourself, and the power of open-source!