SuttaCentral Dictionary PTS citations now link to suttas

Yo may have noticed a change in the three large dictionaries on Now most of the PTS citations to EBTs have links directly to the suttas. For example:

The links have been added for:

  • PTS Pali English Dictionary
  • The modified Dictionary of Pali Proper Names
  • Ven. Dhammika’s Dictionary of Flora and Fauna in the suttas

These links were added programmatically, so if there was an error in the original text, then that error has probably been maintained. In the process may typos were discovered, so this continues the hard work of Bhante @Sujato and Ayya @Vimala to improve the dictionaries.

One caveat: The links are to the exact position of the citation, not necessarily to the place in the sutta being mentioned. The PTS citation system will take you to the top of the page where the reference is. This means that the actual thing you are looking for may appear in the sutta after the one linked to if there are multiple suttas on one page. This is an inherent limitation of the PTS system.

Please ask any questions or clarifications if needed.

Thanks to all the folks who helped make this possible!


Thanks so much, this is a great improvement. All the little things add up to a more integrated and meaningful whole.