SuttaCentral in the wild

I thought it might be interesting to gather ways that people find the material on SuttaCentral being used “in the wild” in resources around the web and beyond.

One that’s gotten a lot of attention here are the anthologies that have been printed…

Here is a website that is using SuttaCentral translations, mostly of Bhante @Sujato, to support the teachings they are doing. This is a category page that lists the suttas on the site:

And here is an archive page that shows the recaps they send out for their weekly meditation program.

When they teach a certain sutta at an event, they can take Bhante’s translation and modify it in whatever way they need to and then share it with participants. By including it on their own website, users are directed to other suttas that have been taught in the past, so people can see what they might expect in the future. They make use of social media quite a bit, so sharing these suttas on social drives people to the website and helps them learn about real life activities.

They are crediting to SuttaCentral and linking to the original. They are saying “based on” even if there are no differences at the moment since in the future someone might make changes and not think to update the credit line.


Nice, thanks for opening this. I’m so happy to see my work being used and remixed like this, it’s exactly what I was hoping for! Also a special joy to see it being used at Mahamevnawa, in the school of my Dhamma friend, Ven Gnanananda.