SuttaCentral mobile app now available in Google Play Store


I’m pleased to announce a SuttaCentral Android App is now on the Play Store, available below or by searching for ‘SuttaCentral’ in the Play Store:

Any testing feedback on this thread is very welcome. Currently it has shortcuts for SC-Voice and Discuss and Discover that can be placed on the home screen and should be able to be used alongside the “Add To Home Screen” app that you may be using if you’re an Android user (no Apple App Store yet, still working on it!) :

Many thanks to everyone part of this so far - @faujidoc1, @HongDa and Bhante @sujato and the earlier web devs who made it a Progressive Web App. Any merit from this I’d like to dedicate to the many many beings effected or yet to be effected by the fires here.

@faujidoc1 has produced the lovely poster below, we can download the PNG here or PDF here if anyone would like to promote SuttaCentral this way with an easy QR Code :slight_smile:


Thank you, Michael. This is so utterly cool!!

And I join in your wishes for all people and animals threatened by the fires in Australia right now. It’s hard to imagine how you must feel like when staying in winterly cold Europe. My heart is with you over there! :heart:


Hello from the SuttaCentral App!
With a few minutes of playing with it, everything seems to work good. It’s cool!


This is great. I look forward to the iOS application. Thank you for all of your efforts.

I would gladly print these flyers to promote the app and website.

One small note, there is no space between the period after the first sentence. It is not a big deal but caught my eye immediately and I figured I would let you know.

Not intending to not pick. Just wanted to help a fellow friend :pray:


Whoops! This has got to be Mara’s doing … up to no good as usual! :laughing: Thanks for pointing it out! :pray:

Error has been fixed. Updated files - PDF here and PNG here


It may be just me, but the white on yellow text is hard to read.


Would the forum icon make more sense with a different background? I was looking at all of these things in the yellow “night view” on my screen so the yellow kind of disappeared. In any case, yellow next to white just isn’t very accessible.

Much appreciation for your hard work on the app!


This might be helpful; Amazon tablets (which are popular cuz very inexpensive) have specific compatibility issues for their version of Android. At this time, the Google store android version of the SuttaCentral ap appears to NOT be compatible. It appears there is no fee for developers to offer in Amazon ap store. Here is a link here for developers ’ testing.

Amazon does have free aps and free Kindle reader content routinely.

I’ll test ap on my phone. Thank you for this work. :pray:


Yes, I can understand that! Also, it won’t work well if printing out on a greyscale printer.
Hence, here is the version with Black text on a yellow background. :smile:
PDF here PNG here.