SuttaCentral Next launch postponed

Dear Friends,

At this morning’s meeting with the team we decided to postpone the launch of the new site for another week. We have run into some serious issues that need to be addressed.

Our apologies for the delay. I know many of you have been looking forward to the new site, so this is an excellent opportunity to practice khanti.


Is this one of the issues?
From the homepage:

Meet SuttaCentral
When I began to experience the peace of meditation, I needed to understand more deeply what I was going through. I found out there were real teachings from the Buddha himself, and felt drawn to them. For over twenty years now,

That’s where it stops.

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Hey everyone,

Thanks Ayya for the notice, but I took the link out: Next shouldn’t be posted publicly, for exactly the reason that Nadine noticed; it is in development and breaks all the time. I might have posted it publicly myself before, but we can all learn from my mistakes!

We’re working hard on getting the launch ready, and will have something for you all very soon.


Interesting. How did you manage to take all 19 likes out too?


The likepocalypse, so to speak. It’s one of my powers, I just remove liking wherever I go.


Hate to disagree, you seem to enhance liking whereever you go.


I guess System figured everyone only liked your post because of the link. I’ve liked it again to prove System wrong.