Suttacentral search

Since probably all my questions have been asked before - how about ‘sticky topics’ that are always on top, where you could collect the typical questions with a commentary/answer, e.g.

“- Can we search individual Nikayas?
We know the issues, and it’s in the pipeline - planned for December 2016

My real question/suggestion is if it’s possible to have the search output sorted by 1.Nikayas 2.Chapters. So that we’d have DN2, DN5, MN22, MN25, MN112, AN1.5, AN3.8 etc. etc.
It would be very handy…

Just in general: thanks for the amazing website!!!

Hi Gabriel,

We do have an FAQ page, which, hilariously, just says, “What is the meaning of jiva”. I should start using it, and will add this question as the first point.

Your request is, in fact, on the 2-do list. Our search engine dev, Blake, is currently rewriting the whole backend of the site based on a new data framework, so we’ll see …