SuttaCentral Updates

Thanks to the ever-diligent work of Hongda, we’ve pushed a number of changes to the SuttaCentral UI that you may notice.

The most significant is that we now support notes on translated texts. These are currently available as a test case on my translation of the SuttaNipata:

Comments can be added by any translator working on Bilara. My plan is ultimately to have a full set of explanatory notes. It’ll take a while!

There are known display issues with notes, namely that they can overlap. We have a proposal to deal with this.

In addition we have adjusted the sensitivity of the top bar—which is surprisingly tricky. I don’t think it’s quite right yet, and we will be playing further with it. But we’ve also add a third display option for the top bar, so you can now let it stay at the top of the page.

We have introduced Cloudflare analytics, a new service they provide. Some time ago we got rid of Google Analytics as it is both heavy and invasive. Cloudflare seem to have done a great job, the analytics are very lightweight and non-invasive.

There are a few other minor technical and UI changes as well.

SuttaCentral follows calver, and you can always find the full list of sighnificant changes here:


Thank you Bhante, @HongDa, and all who have been a part. I know there must be so many hours that go into both improving and maintaining things.


I’m not sure if this was part of it, but pages don’t take forever to load on my old machine with necessarily old browser - it’s back to being zippy fast! Beyond that, with all the improvements continually, I say there’s some mighty good dev happening.

(I had previously set the toolbar to show permanently as a workaround).

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