SuttaCentral Voice interim release v1.8.7

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Today we did an interim release for Voice. The reason: @Gabriel_L has been incredibly quick in translating the Voice interface into Portuguese, and @karl_lew has added a Portuguese voice, Ricardo, to read Portuguese legacy texts! :tada: :balloon: :balloon:

Gabriel did also translate the Voice Wiki into Portuguese, and all pages will be added as I find the time. Start reading here.

The issues of the interim release can be seen here.


Thank you for the opportunity! :anjal:


Spectacular! :pray:


@Gabriel_L thank you very much for bringing Portuguese to Voice. It is astounding and wonderful to hear all the translations of the suttas.

Anagarika @Sabbamitta, thank you so much for helping the other translators and shepherding their work to production. This gift to all resonates profoundly.