SuttaCentral Voice v2.1: integrating Voice more closely to SuttaCentral

Dear friends, today we have come out with another release of SC-Voice.

Most of the work that has been done this time concerns the operations of the Voice application, things that are happening behind the scenes and do not change much of what is visible for the user.

The main step is that the repositories of Voice and SuttaCentral have been merged, and they have received new folder structures which reflect the three “baskets” sutta, vinaya, and abhidhamma.

Using an image for what has been done: Usually, a surgery for Siamese twins happens in order to separate them. But in this case it was in order to connect them, and at the same time exchange their very bones on both sides. After that, the nervous systems of each one of the twins had to be adapted to connect the new bones and joints so that they can move smoothly. In the case of Voice, this required building new servers both for staging and production—and the wondrous thing happened: Voice is moving and using her new limbs perfectly well now!

From now on, content can be exchanged much more easily between SuttaCentral and Voice, and depending on the update intervals of each one, the same content can be shown in Voice and on SuttaCentral. There may still be differences between what you see on the SC site and what you hear in Voice—this is due to different update intervals. At some times SuttaCentral can be ahead of Voice, and at other times Voice can be ahead of SuttaCentral.

For our German audience, the blurb texts are now no longer shown in English but in German.

(expand the first arrow)

Apart from this we have still fixed a few bugs. Find all release issues here.

For the months to come these are our focuses of development:

We hope you keep enjoying Voice and like to hear your feedback!


With this new release of Voice and integration with bilara-data, Voice will be able to display all upcoming segmented translations of the Vinaya as well as the Abhidhamma as they are published on SuttaCentral itself. As a result, we will probably need to add preferences to Voice Settings that allow users to refine/restrict search results to: sutta, vinaya, and/or abhidhamma (but that’s far in the future!).

Now that the bilara-data integration is complete, Voice will return to normal releases. For example, we’ve noticed that Settings has become cumbersome to use with all the language choices. Aminah has offered some suggestions that we’ll be incorporating in upcoming releases. If you have requests/suggestions, please post here for Anagarika Sabbamitta so that she can prioritize our future work.



Thank you very much for this work, @sabbamitta , @karl_lew and all else involved!


Voice died today and has now been restarted after over 8 hours transmigrating. It’s last thought was about MN77, trying to download a sound file. We haven’t had time to fill the sound caches with audio, so our little hamster is running very very fast on the wheel trying to generate the words. I suppose it had a heart attack. It’s started a new life. I would expect further crashes until the caches fill up with sounds. Please continue downloading and listening. That’s how we fill the caches.

20200306 04:22:12 I GET download/pli,en/mn77/en/sujato => mn77-en-sujato_pli+en_amy.mp3 size:51930185 secs:6686 35ef9d55587a57ea0912259262ad8de8
Fri Mar 6 04:22:13 UTC 2020 EXIT sc-voice
Fri Mar 6 04:22:13 UTC 2020 STOP sc-voice service


Thanks to Yama, the god of the death, to show Voice the way to her new life! :arrow_right: :baby: