Suttas in a chronological order?


Cool. Just to note, at some (reasonably soon-ish :crossed_fingers: ) point Ajahn Brahmali’s new translation of this text (and the rest of the Vinaya) will be updated on SuttaCentral (some may find I.B. Horner’s 1938-51 translation a bit archaic).


Nice, I was going to ask how Ajahn Brahmali relied on Horner. Both are listed on the text…


Yes. For a precise answer you’d need to ask Ajahn Brahmali himself, but to the best of my understanding this is Horner’s translation, cleaned up a little bit by Ajahn.


OK… interesting how this is found in the Vinaya of all places…


You may or may not find this of interest:


This is I think still the best source for a chronology, so far as it can be established. Note, however, that it gives the chronology of the events rather than the texts. The Buddha’s birth story, for example, was obviously spoken some time after the event itself! It also omits some things, notably the Attadaṇḍa Sutta (Snp 4.15).