Suttas not accessible

Is there something wrong with the site? I seem to have difficulties accessing the Suttas. When I select a particular Sutta, I only get a blank screen.

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Greetings @yphoh and welcome to the forum. I’m sorry you are having trouble with the SuttaCentral site. Hopefully someone will get back to you soon :slight_smile:

@sujato @Snowbird

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Could you say what browser you are using? Older versions of the Edge browser are not compatible with the site.

If you have Chrome or Firefox or Opera, you could try any of those.

If it still won’t load, if you could post some screenshots that might be helpful.


Hello @yphoh,

I’m guessing. However, some Suttas are best combined together. That’s what SuttaCentral does. For example, AN 1.1, AN1.2, … AN1.10 are combined together and can be accessed as through an1.1-10. If you can’t find the Sutta, but you know that its part of AN1. Then you can use this link, AN1, and browse to the the Sutta you want.

This is really a bug (or bad feature) in SuttaCentral. But no system is perfect!

I hope this helps!


I’m using Chrome as my browser both on mobile as well as desktop and the issue is the same. Below image is what I selected & how it appeared.


Thx, can you give us the version number of the browser and OS? Otherwise it’s hard to debug.

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OS : Android v 9
Chrome: 80.0.3987.99


Thanks. Well, the good news is, it should work for you. The bad news is, I don’t know why it doesn’t.

The usual advice applies, possibly you’ve done these things, but I just mention them in case:

  • refresh
  • clear cache and refresh again
  • reboot
  • disable addons and extensions
  • check network connection
  • try another browser
  • sacrifice your firstborn to the gods of technology

The last one was a joke! Just in case you were wondering!

You say you have the same problem on desktop? If so, can you share any console errors?

  • go to page where error occurs
  • right click, “Inspect”
  • “Console”
  • Any errors should be marked as such. Ignore “warnings”. If there are errors, copy and paste here.
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