Suttas on sila / dana


Dear Mr. W,

There’s a sutta about four different generosities related to four different results related to householders. It’s in one of the topics related to generosity as I recall.


Would you mind retrieving it for me and placing it below? My resources have become quite arbitrarily limited and so I don’t want to continue a particular instance of ‘arbitration’ that is decidedly quite micchaa.

Thanks in advance,
P. Chansik

Hi Chansik
My Sutta knowledge is very limited and I can’t think of any sutta related to your description.
However, I just give the link below for the sanctification of the gift.
If I find what you asking I will pm later.'
Kind regards

Five faltless gifts.


I took the liberty of changing the topic’s title and category. Please kindly feel free to undo these.


There’s AN 5.36 & AN 5.37 though they may not what you’re looking for. they speak of 5 gifts.

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