Suttas that detail the four attainments

When it comes to the four jhanas there are many suttas that describe them in details; their parameters, the similes, how to practice them (e.g. removal of the hindrances, etc), what they are good for, etc. (see for example AN 5.28).

Are there suttas that present the four attainments (later on called arupa jhanas) in a similar fashion?

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Just found a one year old post that answers my question. There are reference to MN 121 and MN 106.


4 brahmavihāras leading to 4 āyata­na­s:

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Thanks Matt. What’s āyata­na­s ?
What the pali word for the four attainments ?

The way I understand Ayatana is a place where you can have a re-birth.
The attainment is a mind created state.
I may be wrong.

You’re welcome. Āyatana is usually translated as sphere or base, @Gabriel has made a few threads that may be relevant:

On the other hand, what is usually translated as ‘attainment’ is the Pāḷi word, samāpatti.

That’s about as far as I can go, you’d have to ask someone more knowledgeable what the differences are.

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