Suttas where Buddha/Monks agreed to what was said?

It’s very common in my memory of suttas that probably most explain how something is done in the Noble Path. That doesn’t seem realistic. That’s why are wired as Buddhist to only think Buddhism as a different truth. Which Buddha was against. There is any suttas where what other said is agreed upon that it’s the right way to think etc?

You can search for this phrase “I concede that to him” in this sutta MN136
or search for this phrase “I too say” in this sutta SN22.94 or AN9.38
or search for this phrase “I also say” in this sutta MN38 or SN35.116 or AN3.24 or AN11.10


I felt someone will say it like that. Thanks my friend. That’s what I was hoping for. Couldn’t remember the way it was said. :pray:t4: