SuttaStudy 6 Okkanta Samyutta suttas SN 35.1-10

Here’s a collection of very short suttas detailing some of the insight requirements for Stream entrants (as well as Dhamma-followers and Faith-followers). It’s conveniently viewed on a single page here. For your contemplation (’yonisomanasikara’):


With metta


An example:

The Eye

3.225 1At Sāvatthī. “Mendicants, the eye is impermanent, perishing, and changing. The ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind are impermanent, perishing, and changing. Someone who has faith and confidence in these principles is called a follower by faith. They’ve arrived at inevitability regarding the right path, they’ve arrived at the level of the good person, and they’ve transcended the level of the bad person. They can’t do any deed which would make them be reborn in hell, the animal realm, or the ghost realm. They can’t die without realizing the fruit of stream-entry. SuttaCentral

In this samyutta the Buddha explains the kinds of conviction and understanding that are required for the attainment of stream-entry. These short suttas share an identical structure, with each one focusing on a different aspect of experience (including the six senses, the six elements (dhatu) , and the five aggregates). See also the Study Guides on stream-entry.