Table view! And other updates

We’ve just rolled out a new update. You may have to do a hard refresh to ensure you’re getting the latest version.

The big new feature is Table View for parallels.

  • Go to a page that lists parallels, such as here.
  • Click “table View” in the toolbar
  • Et voila! A massive and incomprehensible slab of IDs!

This is a view into the text that is essentially a simplified version of our old parallels tables. It’s mostly for experts who want to quickly skim the parallels or get a birds-eye view of them. The presentation is kept deliberately sparse and dense. It’s the kind of feature that will be useless for 95% of users, and super-great for 5%.

The other user-facing update is that we have improved the font support for the Pali script-changer. Thanks once more to Virtual Vinodh, the creator of the incredible Aksharamukha upon which we rely; Vinodh has been helping us out behind the scenes, as we are no experts in these matters.

We’ve also updated a bunch of our dependencies under the hood, notably we are using the latest version of our main front-end library, lit. It’s awesome!

You can keep track of our work in our Github Projects:

A while ago we started keeping a proper Changelog, here it is.


This is great! Finally the parallels tables are back. Thanks so much.


This is great! In terms of UI, would it be possible for the table view button to toggle the two views of the parallels (table and, what do you call the other? verbose?)? As it is, it seems a bit disorienting. It doesn’t really seem like a table view of the content of the page, rather just a table view of the parallels only. The “Spacing” button changes the way the same content is presented. My expectation of the “Table View” button was that it would just change the way the parallels were presented.

So maybe the button should be called “Parallels Table”? Or maybe as it is is good enough!

Thanks to you and the whole team!