Talk addressing right and wrong, good monk/bad monk, vinaya and conventions

I happened across this very interesting Dhamma talk by Ajahn Sumedho last night. It addressed a number of themes that have been discussed in the forum over the past couple of weeks. It is a talk quite different in nature to any other talk I have heard so far, in that it explores a range of sensitive subjects, such as convention of rules versus dhamma, concepts of what is good and bad in terms of practice. Including such a funny representation of “drinking Ovaltine” in the evening as being a definition of a ‘bad monk’ :sweat_smile:

I found it a very stimulating perspective, but can imagine that this may be seen as quite a contraversial presentation - PLease take extra care in being respectful if replying :anjal:


I had not yet heard Ajahn Sumedho. Thank you.

I also noticed how Ajahn’s talk quite immediately propels one into that very silence he mentions. One suddenly inhabits a shared silence, listening, aware and at peace. I do not see how controversy might erupt from that very still peace.

Oddly, even at 1.75x speed it remains peaceful and immersive. :open_mouth:

Perhaps I should allow myself to experiment with Ovaltine as a replacement for my evening piece of dark chocolate. :laughing:

But seriously, I faced a similar crisis decades ago when I walked away from my Dhamma teachers to be a rhinoceros rock climber, a bad Buddhist, the worst student. Yet now, reading the suttas the first time this year, I find peace informed by that very double decade of wandering in the rocky wild. And I am indeed having lunch next week with one of my teachers to offer my thanks for his guidance and apologies for my absence.

So yes, indeed, I might well try Ovaltine with a free heart and without a “should or should not”.

Thank you.



@karl_lew I’m glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:
I’ve found Ajahn Sumedho’s teachings very helpful. He has written many books as well. I think my favourite was “don’t take your life personally”, but this appearance of being ‘favourite’ was probably about reading it at the right moment in my journey :slight_smile:

Wishing you many hours of discovery ! :smiley: