Teaching in New York and California this January

I’ll be teaching in New York and South-California this January.
If you happen to be around, I’d love to meet you!

Buddhist Insights NYC

16th - 23rd January
New York City

Thursday 17th January: Sutta Study class about Majjhima Nikāya 121, the Cūḷasuññata Sutta.

Friday 18th - Sunday 20th January: Mettā Meditation Retreat

Monday 21st January: Dhamma Talk: creating a safe space for practice

Tuesday 22nd January: Presentation of SuttaCentral and introduction to the Early Buddhist Texts.

Women's retreat together with Mary Stancavage in California

Thursday 24th - Sunday 27th January
Joshua Tree, California


After this I will be staying at Mahapajapati Monastery in Pioneertown for a little while so you are also welcome to visit me there (but let me know up-front!).


Ayya I always assumed metta as being associated with the emotion of love but recently I read its actually just an attitude of goodwill. Love is just an another entanglement. Can you clarify? Thanks.

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@Ocean - There has already been written a lot about the feeling of Mettā on this forum and I think it is best explained by the master himself, Ven. Mahachatchai. There is a big difference between worldly love and the loving-kindness that is mettā. It is basically a feeling that you can develop within yourself but that is also different from the word ‘love’ as it is used in an attached way in normal life.

… cultivating mettā demonstrates a clear focus and purpose, which is love, support, and gentleness for all sentient beings, in particular ourselves.



Brahama Vihara can’t be preacticed in isolation.
Metta has to be practice in conjuction with Karuna,Muditha and Upekkha.