Textual references for Ven. Moggallana's death

About the story of Ven. Moggallana’s brutal murder. I know of a mention in Dhp commentary, but are there anymore mentions elsewhere, like in Vinaya? I can’t seem to find anything.

Only commentaries are mentioned in the DPPN:


J.v.125 ff. The account in DhA.iii.65 ff differs in several details. The thieves tried for two months before succeeding in their plot and, in the story of the past, when the blind parents were being beaten, they cried out to the supposed thieves to spare their son. Moggallāna, very touched by this, did not kill them. Before attaining parinibbāna, he taught the Buddha, at his request, and performed many miracles, returning to Kāḷasilā to die. According to the Jātaka account his cremation was performed with much honour, and the Buddha had the relics collected and a Thūpa erected in Veḷuvana.


There are nothing on the link given.

Sorry, it lost a character. Should be fine now.

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