Thai TV show highlighting the story of a Bhikkhunī in Thailand

A Thai TV show called Perspective (actually a pretty good show) has had a recent episode on a Bhikkhunī, Ajahn Dhammadīpa, as part of their Wonder Women series. The episode covers her life story, the reaction of local Thais and Thai society at large, and how her monastery cares for dying cancer patients.


@ 2:30 “Stand up, its OK@6:30 Firmly points finger: “You can just sit on that chair”. :slightly_smiling_face:

@ 25:59 “I could sit for 9 days without eating any food or going to the toilet”. :thaibuddha:

@ 36:03 Obstacles will not be obstacles anymore if we know how to be calm & listen.

@ 36:47 Now isn’t that better than demanding: “You must accept us!”

@ 37:35 “You must pass the test first:buddha:

Wonderful wonderful video, life story & wisdom. :seedling:

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