Thanissaro Translation Missing?

Hello All,

To begin with my apologies if I have missed something relevant before making this topic.

I just saw that Thanissaro Bhikkhu had a translation of a Sutta not available on the site.



are the same Sutta. If it is possible for this translation to be added to Suttacentral, that would be swell! If it is possible, I would happily do any work that is required for this to be done. And if it is possible and someone else wants to do the work, that’s quite all right. :slight_smile:

I suspect that there might be information I am missing here, my apologies.

Thank you all for the amazing work you’ve done in making this website and making the Dhamma available to all!

With Metta,

P. S. As an aside, what’s up with the numbering mismatch between (SN 35.204) and y’alls (SN 35.245)?


Hi, we’re not really adding new English translations any more. TBH, originally we only added them because there was no complete translation, so we had to get bits and pieces from here and there.

Generally speaking we will only add legacy translations to fill a gap in our coverage of texts or languages.

We use Bhikkhu Bodhi’s updated numbering, I guess Thanissaro uses the old PTS system. More details here:

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I believe he’s using the Thai system. :pray:

Any reason for this? Seems like a weird policy to me…


Wow, what a prompt reply!

Thank you for the consideration! I wasn’t aware about BB’s updated numbering system. :nerd_face:

Next time I find a bug I’ll post in the bug report thread now that I’ve made an account here. :+1:


It’s not my place to comment on general policy, but since Thanissaro Bhikkhu’s translations are being actively updated (see link below) it makes more sense to go there to read them directly there than to have a snapshot on Sutta Central.


Welcome to the forum!

The different numbering situation is really tricky to solve. It’s a problem for the citation lookup tool I made:

If people always knew which system the citation came from I could handle it.

I think you mean that you aren’t adding any legacy English translations any more, eh? I notice that Ven. Suddhasso and Ven. Soma are both adding English. Or are they an exception?


Because it takes time and effort and adds little value.

Yes, indeed, thanks for the correction.

We have a pretty large percentage of all the legacy translations that have been done in most languages!

Also a good point. The process of adding suttas is manual, so our versions will be outdated. In fact, maybe we should note this on our Thanissaro translations and point folks to for up-to-date versions.


It seems like there ought to be a faq post somewhere that explains the content policy so when this issue comes up (which it does with some frequency) we could link to it.


That’s correct. Thanissaro’s approach is quite different to that on SC, it’a a matter of levels of understanding due to generation and background. If a practitioner finds empathy with Thanissaro they should confine themselves to his method.

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That’s a bit extreme. I refer frequently to Ven Thanissaro’s translations, and I often find that they pick up details that others have missed, especially when it comes to poetry. Variety is good.


Well… I just came in to this forum, made an account, read what I needed to, did maybe 5 minutes of research to try and answer my questions, and then asked. So, you are right that I was correctly missing information. But the information I was referring to was the content policy of SuttaCentral. I didn’t even know where to look for it (or even what it was!). I was on a mission. :sweat_smile:

You do have a good point that it can be skillful to follow one translator that resonates, or perhaps even one teacher if that was what you where intending. Though always going back to the Buddha. ^^