Thank you for 2015 early buddhism workshops


Dear Bhantes,

Please accept my sincere appreciation for once again leading the Early Buddhism workshops this year. I’ve learnt so much from the workshops :smile:

Among the discussions that was really helpful during the last workshop was about sotapana. I had questions about sotapanas and they were answered during that discussion.

Thank you very much for all of your continued guidance and for sharing your wisdom!

with reverence, respect, and gratitude,



Dear Bhantes, dear all,

I very much enjoyed the workshop sessions and the discussions we had here on Discourse with everyone! I learned so much from you Bhantes, but also from everyone else!
Sincere thanks to the Bhantes, to all who facilitated and helped to make the workshops happen and thanks to all who shared their thoughts&ideas here!!!

With much mettā to all,

P.S.: I know I am a bit late with this. Due to ‘life & other mishaps’ I did not manage to listen to the last workshop recording earlier…