Thanks for your service Ficus

Dear All,

After 1.5 years as a moderator, @Ficus has decided to return their badge.

Patient, compassionate, straightforward and intelligent, you have contributed greatly from behind the scenes in keeping the forum running smoothly as a safe and pleasant space for all of us to enjoy.

You will surely be missed by the D&D staff, but hopefully we will still be able to appreciate your wisdom in the forum.

May the blessings of the Triple Gem help you with your busy life and along the Path. May your service bring you joy for a long time!

Furthermore, a noble disciple recollects their own generosity: ‘I’m so fortunate, so very fortunate! Among people full of the stain of stinginess I live at home rid of stinginess, freely generous, open-handed, loving to let go, committed to charity, loving to give and to share.’ When a noble disciple recollects their own generosity their mind is not full of greed, hate, and delusion. … This is called a noble disciple who lives in balance among people who are unbalanced, and lives untroubled among people who are troubled. They’ve entered the stream of the teaching and develop the recollection of generosity. (AN 6.10)

Many thanks for your great service and guidance! :pray:

With Metta,
The moderators


Thank you Ric, Alex and the team in training :pray:t3: The forum is in great hands.

You’ve been wonderful to work with and wish you all the best to continue keeping the forum running smoothly.

:sunflower:Go Mod Squad :sun_with_face:!

Thank you to Nadine for taking me on to the team, Gillian and Kabir for teaching me the ropes and also being great people to work with. Many thanks to Bhante Sujato, Ajahn Brahmali and Ven Akaliko for your advice and help when things got bogged down. And Musiko for all your tech help and advice.

It’s been a great run but need more time to spend with the family.



Hey @Ficus ! Great work… we had a good run didn’t we? :grin: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: Here’s to welcoming you to the far shore… :beers: :rofl:


Congrats on your retirement, Ficus! :slight_smile: :rofl:


Congrats, @Ficus ! Thank you for all you did for the forum!


Dear Ficus,

Thanks so much for your tireless and selfless work. You have been a blessing for our community. May you attain Nibbana swiftly and pleasantly!


Thank you @Ficus for being such a wonderful mod. Always a team player and always a cool head on a stout pair of shoulders. :pray:

May you receive the blessings of the Triple Gem. :pray:



Thank you everyone for your kindness :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it’s a great community so let’s all work hard to keep it like that :star2:


Thank you for maintaining a sane, polite online forum! It’s unfortunately rare these days.

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