The Buddha’s Kind of Wealthy Rancher

@Sujato In a very recent entertaining and insightful new lecture series by Bhante Sujato titled “So they said to the Buddha …” hosted by the Sati Center, Bhante talks about the Dhaniya Sutta (The Wealthy Rancher). To understand the sutta, Bhante underscores the importance of empathetically entering into the Brahmanic world the Buddha inhabited. In particular cultivating an appreciation for the deep meaning of ritual and an empathetic understanding of the symbolic and practical role of Nature, in this case the cow. I offer here a short video that comes from a larger project that I undertook in India in 2005. Here I hope you will see the beauty of the ancient fire offering and the remarkable love expressed towards one of the many cows in a Goshala (shelter for cows) in Chitirakoot (Madhya Pradesh).


Thanks so much, watching now! :pray:

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Being kind to animals is a Wonderful thing. The Buddha expressed Ahimsa cent percent.

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Along these lines, I’ve been watching a lovely YouTube channel that specializes in Indo-European history and mythology. While the topics don’t often discuss Buddhism directly, it does touch on the cultural milieu that branched into Vedism. I find it helps me more empathetically and holistically understand the cultural context of the Buddha’s day. For example these videos:

I also wanted to say a great big Thank You! to @Sujato for changing my perspective on mythology. “White Bones, Red Rot, Black Snakes” is one of my favorite books, and I was thrilled to see some of the archaeological proof in-person at the British Museum’s Asian/Buddhist art exhibit.


OMG thanks so much! I gave everything for that book. :pray: